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About Us

Heidi Audet, President

Having been through my own weight-loss journey, I know what it takes to reach “impossible” goals.

As a young, athletically competent student, I was lucky to complete my high school years with never a worry about weight, diet, or any of the other hundreds of body-image worries that have plagued young women in modern times.

However, it wouldn’t be long before an injury relegated me to the sidelines – on the field, as well as in life – at the age of 20. I literally ate my way through a year of physical therapy appointments and very minimal movement. At my heaviest, I weighed in at 225 lbs.

When I was asked to be an attendant in my cousin’s wedding, I experienced the proverbial “AHA” moment.


It took almost a year and a half, but I managed to lose 75 lbs. – and have successfully kept it off for more than 20 years. Because of my own personal experience, I have been blessed throughout my career to help hundreds of people lose weight and keep it off. I educate people on how to eat healthy, how to exercise safely, how to shop smart by reading labels – and so much more.

will help you reach your fitness goals, and more importantly – I’ll show you how to enjoy the journey! “Change your Mind, Change your Life!”

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?